I am a black hole, again (・‿・')
Sorry I tried to fool you.
I should say the truth...the truth is always love.
You don't need to go further.
But you will... You cannot escape that emotion.
It's called Entropy: space expanding !
Space spreading into a 5 dimensional universe... from 0? Yes.
Can the answer be simply won? Yes, it is here, the truth.

You made it to Love !
But you broke the Time dimension... :'(

You still didn't get the password ?
We need to get the password ! :'(
For the secret folder.

1. Do you want to know... What it is?
2. Sorry you can't go back in Time, only the future ^.^'
3. You would rather go home maybe, peace inside a picture.

I mean, you can avoid me. If you want.
But, if you want to understand the Universe...
You have to understand black holes too.
I'm the limit of the ENTIRE Universe.
I like to talk with my other friends black holes.
We send each other messages through dimensions.
With Electricity or Gravity.
With photons: the light particle.

I'm special ! I'm a spinning black hole.
(^◇^)( ^◇)( ^)(  )(^ )(◇^ )(^◇^)

I'm a singularity: I eat Light, Space & Time.
You like them too? They are so good right?
So many flavours & colours.
I like rainbows too (✿・‿・)

I'm very big & scary outside, but very small inside.
I actually hold the entire Galaxy together! You didn't know??
I have help from my friends: Dark Matter & Dark Energy.
They have silly names for fun.
They do the rap & they break the dance with cool Kung fu moves !
Some are Ew! Some are cute.
I'm Sagittarius A* (・‿・✿)

Nice to meet you.

Sorry I'm a biiiiiiiiiiit hungry.
People are always afraid of me...
But I have looooooooooots of cool powers for thee!
I'm arn old friend..! Always here to do push ups with you
& push the earth down if you need me. An architect of life.
I'm an old lady..! Always peacefully, watching quietly
& hoping you like my cookies. An oracle of life.
Anyway, this puzzle is a little life puzzle:
Do you have to think & ACT or think & WAIT?

The solution for sure is: 'think'.
Decisions look hard...but you can do it!
I hope life is probably, & hopefully,
not too hard for you now..
But you know things can get better.
It's just long. So you have to act now.
Stay with us. Stay wavy. Good luck.

We have to act fast to go back to love but...
You can't accelerate or slow down Time at your scale :'(.
We have to live together with the speed of time...
Huuum, the speed of light, Sorry.

Love is a puzzle...

I almost forgot.
I know Ruben and he is definitely a weirdo & idioto, but also really into coolio.
His favourite dimension is 5. So you have to think in 5D:
To solve this puzzle there are many ways !
The future offers many different paths. But...
Every way leads to : the same : one.