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♡ Love is a puzzle ♡

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Secret ♡ Yang
What's the matter with your head, What's the matter with your mind,
& your sign? Nothin' the matter with your head. You're fine & you look so divine.
Secret ♡ Yin
Dark ♡ Yin Yang


Light ♡ Yin Yang
For those who find the way. Smartness is a sign of good sensitivity. A brain that functions well is sensible to things around it. You copy or you borrow, You adapt & you build better, & rightfully so you must ! For the world must GET EVEN BETTER. You capture other's waves with your brain, These waves from space become you. You are what you see. You are what you eat & drink. You are what you read. You are what you THINK. Stay curious like you just did to find this. And use your 3rd eye: the brain. Explore the abyss. Don't fear the reaper. There's only light inside Electromagnetism. Electromagnetism & Gravity rule this universe. We've measured Gravity waves already. Measuring Quantum-Gravity to planck scale is very close. So we will get close to the 'source code' in this century: The Unified field. We're already at the GUT: Grand Unification Theory. So a Unified Theory is close. It will be the first step of a General Unified Field Theory. Entropy = expansion. Entropy = arrow of Time. The only goal of the Universe in 4D Space-Time. The only goal of the Universe in 4D Space-Time is: expanding. Space-Time expands inside all particles. From 0D singularity, to 1D strings, to 2D view in spheres, to 3D view inside the brain, to 4D: 3D view through 1D Time, to 5D where Time is still. Entropy = love. To me. Simply & elegantly. At the edge of the observable universe we are born, in a Big Bang. Spending some time on Earth we roam, trying to understand. Looking for the source, the love we loose in life, Yin & Yang. But it's mathematically never too late to feel it all again. The source of what makes you alive, inside your body & brain. Explore what you really love, not what you think you love. Some people & some things in life, well, they don't love you back. Use your reason & logic. Use your heart & brain. Use your body & mind. With Love, from Tao.

Coming Soon...

Coding the back-end at the moment,
so you'll be able to register/sign in
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Maybe later I can add more features
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I am

An Astronaut? A business man? President of the United Spaces?
Comisc hoziron of the egde
of the uvnierse?
What? Yes, that's how
science sounds ಥ_ಥ

But you can understand it easy.
Just keep reading, studying
& repeating ! No secrets.

Anyway, let's call this project :
A 'local' social group.
Maybe one day: a supercluster o(^^)o (o^^)o o(^^o)

Forever learning. Lover of Science, Information, Quantum & Astro-Physics, Martial Arts, Photography, Art & Music.

Initially a degree in Particle Physics.
Now working with Web & Computer Languages.

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I'm also a photographer:

Ruben Hart Photography

I also wrote a clear and simple book about quantum mechanics & how the universe works, inside & outside us.

A Lighter Theory

I also opened my own school, to teach:

Kung fu & Science!

School of Tao

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where is the picture??