Welcome to Level 1

Let's take care of our body.

Part I : our Heart   Part II : our Muscles   Part III : our Molecules   Part IV : Time Management

Part I : our Heart.

The first organ to be created in a fetus.
The heart is a muscle, it contracts automatically.
Every heart beat pushes the blood through our veins.
A good heart rate is around 50-80 bpm -beats per minute- at rest
and can go up to 160-200 bpm at full activity.

We usually say the heart rules our impulses and is synonym of desire. We will see in: Level 2 - Part 1, how this is controlled.
People who act with the heart are usually considered extroverts.
People who act with the mind are usually considered introverts.
Of course a good balance is too use both.

Just like training other muscles, we can train our heart, this is: cardio. Short for 'cardiovascular', from the greek 'kardia': heart + 'vascular': blood vessels.
Maintaining a good cardio results in a longer life and general good health, as the heart will be more powerful, the heart rate will slow down and push the oxygen & nutrients in the blood through our veins more efficiently. Which ultimately will make your body recover faster, from injury, or a hard day at work. A strong heart will make us less stressed during the day and so, sleep better during the night, with a feeling of waking up fresh.

Our lungs absorb the dioxygen O2 from the air,
which then gets carried by the red cells to our organs.
This Oxygen makes our organs, muscles & brain alive.
The food nutrients and minerals are going in the blood stream from our small intestine after being digested.

To get maximum efficiency from our lungs to carry more oxygen,
A few long & low breaths can control our mood.
Whichever situation you are in it can really save you.
Low means with the lower part of the lungs, which we call : 'stomach breathing'.
But there is no air going in the stomach, it's an image.
The lower part of the lungs has more surface and can transfer more oxygen than the top part.
Most people only use the top part of their lungs.
Welcome to the lower part. It's a very peaceful place.

*Heart pictures*

*Heart pictures*

Part II : our Muscles.

Our body is an amazing biological machine.
We have evolved to be able to walk, run, jump, swim, climb...
Homo Sapien, our species, has become the dominant species because we can adapt to all movements. We can even fly ! With a little help from technology.

Learning about our muscles is really helpful to understand why we might be in pain somewhere. They protect us from joint pain & ligament pain. Joints is where two bones meet and ligaments hold two bones together. If joints or ligaments are hurt it will take a few months to heal.
Sore muscles heal faster, in days or weeks. Skin can heal in a few days. The deeper we go inside the body the longer it takes to heal.
Muscles are a soft tissue made of protein filaments. Proteins are long molecules with a lot of crucial information for your body. A sort of smart molecule that knows when to act & when to relax.

We have automatic muscles, like around our blood vessels & stomach, also in our eyes, they do the job for us, like an automatic focus on cameras, these are called smooth muscles.
We have the cardiac muscle, unique to the heart.
And the main focus here, the skeletal muscles, the ones that make our skeleton move !

Our skeleton muscles contract and they pull our tendons, which is attached to the bone.
Pretty useful equipment, plus, they come for free with the entire body.
We better use them as much as we can while they are working for free !
Did you know you were a bat(wo)man ? This is evolution at it's finest
Here's the ancient bird inside you, the 'Latissimus Dorsi', or typically called 'Wings' :

Tap here to check your wingsuit



Part III : our Molecules.

Molecules are real & amazing engineers.
They constantly improvise, mixing things up, new ideas everytime, called 'mutations', and it -usually- works...
But Nature can be quite drunk, it can really mess up some messages, the body won't be able to cope with these strange informations, sending weird instructions, creating stress, malfunctions in the body or brain, things not everyone can control every day...it takes effort & awareness to keep these malfunctions under control. In isolation the brain goes easily towards depression, any form of stress will shrink the receptors of the amino acid GABA -> when the body is not in pain, it's only because the brain is producing this natural painkiller: GABA.
When we apply a stress in any form to the body, the brain receptors become smaller, we get less GABA and so we feel 'pain'. Pinch your skin, you can try ! But my friend, respect your body, it's made out of amazing atoms. Don't hurt yourself every day. We can become addicted to pain just like any other addictions.
Imagine living with Depression, Alcoholism, Stress Disorders... the body is constantly in pain ! A very hard thing to self-analyse and realise that actually, it could be much better ! The efforts to take to loose this constant internal pain are quite easy actually. They just need to be applied every day. Small moves which you can include in the day time easily. After 1 week or two, you will start feeling the difference. It's a slow road because this is like fine tuning your main instrument: the brain. It just takes time, but it's not hard. Let's see the fun-damentals :

- Water. No water, no life. A fluid is the basis of all life forms. Our main fluid id called H2O. 1 atom of Oxygen + 2 atoms of Hydrogen. Drinking enough water per day is of upmost importance, obviously. 2L per day usually. Technically: 10mL per 30g of fat. So take your weight, divide it by 30 & this is how many Liters of water you should drink per day. We are made of 60% water, not 90% like commonly said. 75% of the body are Hydrogen & Oxygen atoms, but not all in water form. Don't overdrink, drinking 6L of water over a 3h period will result in death. So let's not do that.

- Oxygen. The third most abundant atom in the Universe. We actually breath DiOxygen: 02. Not pure 0, pure single atoms of Oxygen make the human brain euphoric & even delirious. Oxygen has been created by the green pigment called chlorophyll, which is inside plants, leaves on grounds & phytoplankton (algae) in the sea. Chlorophyll is found inside cyanobacteria, from 'cyan': blue, because they were born in the ocean, as algae, the green squishy things. Don't overbreath, too much Oxygen will result in death over a period of a few days. Oxygen is an oxidant, it creates rust on metal surfaces & is also use to ignite rocket fuel. Oxygen is very powerful. Oxydative damage in the lungs will destroy your alveoli (the actual thing that takes the Oxygen), also create retinal detachment, blindness & other ugly consequences. Oxygen binds to proteins & red cells, which delivers Oxygen to our entire body to function normally. But too much Oxygen will 'burn' your proteins & red cells and create permanent damage.

- Food. The most important part for all of us. Food is just amazing, when we have it.
We have carbohydrates, fats, amino acids & proteins. In order of complexity & usefulness.
A complex molecule is just a long chain of atoms. A simple molecule is a short chain of atoms.
Never be afraid of the word 'complex'. Complex just means longer to analyse & solve. Not harder.

I attached a page with drawings to sum up our basic food molecules. You can save it on your phone as a cheat sheet ! I read information like this again & again & again until it is hard-coded in my brain. The only way to learn: repetition & practice. Everyone without a fondamental disability can do it. But remember: Depression is a disability. If you have a hard time remembering things it's because your brain is blocked & clogged with residual trauma, stress, solitude etc...

Molecules are made of atoms, my personal favourite subjects, we will talk more about them in Level 4, with the Cosmos. Or you can read my other project at the bottom of this page: A Lighter Theory, which goes more in dept about atoms & quantum worlds.

Here, I just want to remind you our molecules are made of all these atoms you can see in the pictures, who were made long time ago in the Universe, inside giant ovens called 'stars'.

Our body is a great Universe-level machine, a nice thought to keep our mood positive in difficult times. And so, we also drink, breath & eat molecules made a long long time ago in our Galaxy.
Try to think of that next time you drink some water, or simply breath... (´・ᴗ・`)

  • where is the picture??

  • where is the picture??

  • where is the picture??

  • Part IV : Time Management.

    Here I simply share with you some time management sheets I made on photoshop:

    - Tap here for an
    ATHLETIC lifestyle

    - Tap here for a
    FAMILIAR lifestyle

    - Tap here for a
    NIGHT lifestyle

    - Tap here for a
    DEPRESSIVE lifestyle

    Effort creates motivation.
    Not the other way around.
    We can wait an entire lifetime with "I'll do it when I get the motivation".
    We all know we'll never do it. May it be 'this thing' or 'that thing', we must be honest to ourselves & make the effort. Nobody else is gonna do it for us. Nobody is gonna come wipe our ass after the toilet. This is for babies. People who will wipe your mess behind you anywhere will dislike you very fast. Clean up your mess.


    Photograph © Ruben Hart

    Welcome to Level 2

    Let's take care of our brain.

    Part I : Who Controls our Heart ?   Part II : Mental Health   Part III : Mental Power   Part IV : Mental exercises

    Part I : Who Controls our Heart ?

    The heart is automatically ruled by a few cells -called: 'sinoatrial node'- inside the heart, who can create an electrical current, which contracts the heart to make it beat.
    But our own brain influences these cells:

    - Thanks to the 'Vagus nerve' our heart beat goes down.
    This is part of the parasympathetic nervous system.
    Now you might smile to its name, but the vagus nerve sends electrical impulses to our heart, lungs & stomach, it is one of the biggest nerve in the entire body & we can clearly see its importance on regulating our own impulsions & cravings.
    A healthy lifestyle promotes this nerve which calms down the body.

    - Thanks to the 'Sympathetic nervous system' our heart beat goes up.
    This part rules our fight, flight or freeze response. Making us alert if needed. Augmenting our breathing capability for running, for example.

    These 2 systems work bi-directionaly, the brain sends information to our heart, lungs & stomach. And they send information back about how they feel.

    The brain is really our friend.
    Otherwise it would have hurt us already.
    But we cannot take away Responsability & power of Choice. If "choice is an illusion" can we survive this life entirely by sitting down & let people care for us? If we don't have severe disabilty, we have a power of choice, on how to deal with our situations.
    With this in mind, it is important to learn about our own brain, especially in these times of isolation to NOT let ourselves go towards Depression.
    Let's go inside this great biological machine, to understand it better.
    More knowledge will always be equal to less fear.


    Part II : Mental Health.

    External life creates internal life.
    External stress creates internal stress.
    External disorder creates internal disorder.

    Catching a cold in our body makes us sick. This is called a 'symptom'.
    Going from a normal to an unusal state: we feel sick. From order to disorder.
    Why are we so afraid, then, to speak about a mental disorder?

    If your brain is going crazy, it doesn't mean you are crazy.
    We can regulate these things to come back to normal.
    Just call anyone, anyone that will not judge you and simply listen.
    Like a psychologist, a helpline, a good friend.
    Don't call someone who, you know, will freak out.

    In a period of isolation & confinement, the brain looses its regular structure.
    With no more outside structure & no more rythme, the brain will automatically panic.
    This I've learned from working with severe Autistic children. If you don't give them a schedule, they go completely nuts. They need to know hour by hour what is happening, because their brain can't make sense of why they are here right now. They don't have the capacity to understand what they are supposed to do. If you would put an Autistic child in solitary confinement, they would go crazy in a few hours.
    For a 'normal' functional human being, in solitary confinement, we can go crazy in a few days. This has been recorded & tested many times during World Wars & other horror stories that are hard to read.

    So we must control this external rythme to relax the brain.
    Otherwise we slip into depression slowly, and it can become a serious depression in 2 or 3 weeks.
    But the opposite is true as well, luckily for us ! We can get out of depression in a few weeks, even a few days ! Hoping it hasn't installed itself over years, in which case, it will take years to recover. But it is highly possible & I'm sure you can do it ! If you apply these simple methods :

    - Clean your room & your house you beautiful dirtbag. This is disgusting. Come on.
    What mess is in your external world, the same mess is inside your brain.
    Structure your personal space to structure your own mind. This is efficient in a few hours.
    Unless you are an artist who needs this chaos to find inspiration.
    - Take a shower after the cleaning, you deserved it.
    Shave your legs, your beard, your armpits, your genitals, take care of your body just the same way wild animals take care of their body. Make yourself feel & look good for a potential mate that doesn't exist...yet. But if you repeat this mechanism every 2/3 days, it will become your new normal rythme. This is efficient in 1 week. You will see yourself feel a lot better week by week. You will open all the hidden potential inside you. -


    Part III : Mental Power.

    More knowledge will always be equal to less fear.
    As we dive deeper into the brain, its mechanisms can be elusive, but powerful.
    We will see what we can control and what we cannot which we must accept.

    What reaches you is what attracts you.
    If you react to anger or become angry in any form, we let it reach us & so we also go towards it.
    All emotions & choices are bi-directional.
    If it angers us, it reaches us, so it attracts us.
    So be careful what you get angry about.
    Also be careful of what motivates you when you see it.

    In simple terms, if something touches you from the outside world, it is a reflection of our own inside world. And if something is coming from your own inside world, you will go towards it in the outside world.
    This is basic Yin Yang equivalence in the ancient Chinese philosophy called Taoism, from the sacred text called: "Tao Te Ching", written between -431 & . Also the ancient book of Astrology, the: "I Ching".

    This information can be regarded as "scary" but it isn't. You are just becoming more aware of your surroundings, what motivates you & what repels you. This can make you feel very un-easy.
    The most important thing is to not freak out. You've been living like this for years probably & you survived. So you can keep going easy for another few months like this.
    Noting is gonna suddenly attack you. Nothing at all. This is called anxiety, if you are having a dizzy head while reading this, because maybe it feels like I am talking to you.
    But you just feel concerned by this, like 7.8 Billion other people in the World.
    Bevause evrybody is striving to understand why we are on this Earth.
    The answer is easy: We are on Earth to find our own balance between our introversion & extroversion. Between out inside thought & outside actions. We are here to expand, our knowledge & physical skills, expand in the same way the Universe expands every second. This is the only thing the Universe does: expand.

    With all this in mind, let's see how to not get manipulated or abused by others.
    Because some people in ancient times believed the Universe was a turtle,
    When pure imagination becomes a strong belief, we have a problem.
    Dictators do the same, believing another human culture is inferior from pure imagination, then solidifying this imagination by getting more lost & angry people to listen to them. Then you get World War II. Just like this.
    A complete error became a World War.
    Aryan people were Indo-Aryans in 2000 BCE, these people came from India & were tanned like a dark chocolate cookie in the Sun for their entire life. Aryans were Hindus. Darked skinned people. But the general public would still say to you & believe Aryans were blonde with blue eyes. This is why we need knowledge & education more than Billions in money & fame. Hindu Aryans and Buddhist people today are still using the svastika as symbol for Eternal cycles of Nature and describing Infinity. Don't believe it ? ♡ Tap here for knowledge ♡

    Does positive thoughts have a tangible result in real life? Not in Taoism. Asking one thousand succesful people how they succeeded is completely biased. How about all the other people that did all they could but didn't succeed? We will never hear about them. Ignoring people who bring us down is ignoring the fact we can make mistakes & not be succesful in our task. We all know we will make mistakes. I believe it's beter to write down what they say & keep it in a "negative box" in a corner of our mind. Obviously don't focus on it, our own mind can be negative enough as it is, but it is important to consider all possibilities. The outside world is almost completely uncontrollable, we adapt constantly, we don't succeed instantly. We can learn so much from angry people & what made them so bitter in the end. I always listen to them, writing down in my head how I wish to NEVER feel. If you received a beautiful upbringing, this is also a distorted version of reality, which can make you struggle to face hard situations in the future, trying to get this innocence back.


    Part IV : Mental exercises.

    Let's start with the basics in the power of Choice, which can change your life in a matter of days : 1. Never reply when you are angry. 2. Never make a promise when you are happy. 3. Never make a decision when you are sad.

    Try to not stay for hours inside the same emotion, may it be joy or sadness. We only have a certain amount of fuel to burn in our body, so we can burn out very easily & followed by a nervous breakdown, crying, muscles shacking, if we stay too long in intense joy or sadness.

    Emotions can blind our regular brain functions.
    Emotions can overide the natural functioning of our hormones. Throwing the mind into inbalance, getting the mind into a rage, blinded by this like a wild tiger.
    We often fear what we could do. Not cultivating anger is daily effort.

    If you are into a domestic violent situations here is a list of numbers you can call & save yourself from what you could do. Don't harm others & don't harm yourself.
    The brain can stress & not be able to destress by itself, like stuck in a loop, this is why we all need help. This empathic emotion, helping others, or getting help, is a founding block of our Homo Sapiens species.
    We must tame our internal wild animal, through regular exercise, meditation or prayer, links with others, calling a friend, calling where it feels good & not be judged by the person you call.

    “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”

    ― Bruce Lee

    We cannot pretend our side skills are our main skills. Same goes for everyone. Pretending we do something regularly when we don't, doesn't look or sound good to professionals. Everybody can see that there are no foundations on these claims or no results are appearing, so by definition there is no efforts put in.
    It is much safer to let go this pressure we put on ourselves to 'be that person' or 'have this skill'. If it is too much pressure we cannot handle, we won't be able to handle the stress required to complete this new skill or become that person entirely.
    We can only go at our own speed, learning bit by bit, until we understand the foundations.
    It is problematic to use imagination to confirm an argument which has no good foundations. Doing this is not safe for your own brain. As we've seen in Part III : Mental Power, it can go the wrong way in the long term.
    Plus, by 'hurting' professionals to their hard earned skills, or ego, we can offend them easily. We should listen to professionals & experts in their respective fields, even if they have some ego left. Knowledge is awesome & we all do efforts every day to keep our ego down.
    Now, let's define skills:

    - We have main skills: our trade(s), our job(s). What we do for trading our skill in reward of material currency, an object, a gift, money. Or a non material reward like Time, Attention, Emotion & Love. - We have our side skills, our hobbies & passions.

    Don't worry too much about what people think about you, because people often only think about themselves anyway, so they don't really care about you. The conclusion is you can do what you want, at your own time. ♡ How about this one ♡ Memory.
    Shaolin strength.


    Photograph © Ruben Hart

    Welcome to Level 3

    Let's take care of our Planet.

    Part I : Evolution   Part II : Can Nature recover ?   Part III : What should I do ?   Part IV : Clean Energy

    Part I : Evolution.



    Part II : Can Nature recover ?

    Long recovery.
    Nature is fragile but invincible.


    Part III : What should I do ?

    We are all in this mess together. When you eat chocolate, many people including children went to get the cocoa beans for you in Ivory Coast, Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria... When you use your smarthpone or any computer, many people including children went into the mines to get cobalt to create our rechargeable batteries, in Congo for example.

    This is the pain which comes with understanding the balance of Nature. Nature is beauty & Nature is pain. It is the natural order of the Cosmos. These type of information can hurt.
    Keep love close to you. We pray for strength to endure this.



    Part IV : Clean Energy



    Photograph © Ruben Hart

    Welcome to Level 4

    Let's keep learning about the Cosmos.

    Part I : Are we really 'One with the Universe' ?   Part II : What is my purpose then ?   Part III : Infinity   Part IV : Death

    Part I : Are we really 'One with the Universe' ?

    Einstein's Unified field.

    “It is remarkable that mind enters into our awareness of nature on two separate levels. At the highest level, the level of human consciousness, our minds are somehow directly aware of the complicated flow of electrical and chemical patterns in our brains. At the lowest level, the level of single atoms and electrons, the mind of an observer is again involved in the description of events. Between lies the level of molecular biology, where mechanical models are adequate and mind appears to be irrelevant. But I, as a physicist, cannot help suspecting that there is a logical connection between the two ways in which mind appears in my universe. I cannot help thinking that our awareness of our own brains has something to do with the process which we call "observation" in atomic physics. That is to say, I think our consciousness is not just a passive epiphenomenon carried along by the chemical events in our brains, but is an active agent forcing the molecular complexes to make choices between one quantum state and another. In other words, mind is already inherent in every electron, and the processes of human consciousness differ only in degree but not in kind from the processes of choice between quantum states which we call 'chance' when they are made by electrons.”

    ― Freeman Dyson. (1923 – 28 February 2020) was an English-born American theoretical physicist and mathematician known for his work in quantum electrodynamics, solid-state physics, astronomy and nuclear engineering. He was professor emeritus in the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.

    ♡ Read my disclaimer
    regarding this quote ♡


    Part II : What is my purpose then ?

    We don't control Time, Time controls us.
    This is why it is so important to learn to measure Time well.

    We need to measure time every day: how long is this task gonna take us?
    We learn to organise our time. But we cannot go back or forward in Time.
    We must accept what Time gives us unfortunately. It takes effort to make it 'a good life'.
    The Universe is in constant expansion. This is the only thing it does: expand.
    We follow the same patterns as the Universe, as we've seen in the previous part above.
    So our only purpose on Earth is to expand.
    This is true for all living species, because our cells divide and thus expand.
    We are born from a microscopic cell, from a father & a mother's womb, smaller than dust.
    Growing to a beautiful human, look at you, leaving your cocoon, in yourself you must trust.
    Expansion is also true for our minds, as we expand our knowledge by learning new skills.

    Expansion is true mathematically because of the second law of Thermodynamics: “The Entropy of a closed system can only increase”.
    Entropy is: the quantity of ‘disorder’, or the quantity of ‘dispersion’, it’s like the Cosmos is diluting. Technically, it means : "the capacity of a closed system to transfer its thermal energy into mechanical energy.".
    Imagine putting a drop of coloured liquid in a glass of water.
    You can easily visualise the coloured liquid diluting by itself and diffusing in the water. This is what happens with every atom in this Universe. They transfer pure thermal energy: photons of light, into mechanical energy: movement.

    When this Universe ends, it will be in perfect equilibrium, total stillness, no movements left. Like a fire that has run out of energy to transfer. But this is not the end, for other Universes will keep growing.


    Part III : Infinity



    Part IV : Death

    In the morning of our lives, we are young. We stay inspired & learn.
    In the afternoon of our lives, we are adults. We are responsible for our actions.
    In the evening of our lives, we are old. We enjoy a calm meal & silence.
    In the night of our lives, we leave this old Earth in sleep & dreaming.
    In the night of our lives, we continue inside this young universe as a memory.

    Going back to where we started, Space, the final frontier.
    Staying with




    I'm Ruben.
    I've been studying Science(Physics)
    & Martial Arts for 10+ years.

    I created this new project to share
    all the knowledge I can give.
    I hope you learned things.
    For yourself & others.

    Forever learning. Lover of Science, Information, Quantum & Astro-Physics, Martial Arts, Photography, Art & Music.

    Initially a degree in Particle Physics.
    Now working in Web Programming.

    My other projects :

    I wrote a clear and simple book about quantum mechanics & how the universe works, inside & outside us.

    A Lighter Theory

    I also opened my own school, to teach:
    Kung fu & Science!

    School of Tao

    I'm also a photographer:

    Ruben Hart Photography

    If you have any Quantum Questions :

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    where is the picture??


        We dream in sleep, and are not in a dream when we are awake. Life is not a 'dream' or an 'illusion', life is hard for most of the world. Making most of the world feel bad for not being 'positive' enough is a horrible thing to do.
    If we dream while we are awake we are in a simulation played by exterior rules? Taking away all internal responsability for our own actions, this is just an easy way out.
        The holographic principle (Leonard Susskind) states that all particles are 'projected' from a singularity in 0 Dimension, 'projecting' a single line in 1 Dimension, rotating as a sphere to become 2 dimensional, and this 2 dimensional surface in turn projects 3D, accumulating each 2D sphere to create our 3D world. This happens at the center of each particle, outside & inside us. The Big Bang started inside us too. It started everywhere. We hold a responsability for this existence & the choices we make. Unless you believe in a completely cold, designed & deterministic Universe where people making the choice to 'help you out' means nothing. This is illogical. Helping others creates connection and empathy. Empathy is a building block of our Homo Sapiens species. There is a tangible reality in making choices, where the outcome can make us feel satisfied, through action, effort, and completing the task. Effort is always rewarding, even if we don't achieve our dreams. Nature doesn't hurry and yet everything is achieved.

        I am personally more of a rationalist who follows modern Science. I believe in patterned randomness, like Chaos Theory predicts, and probably Many-Worlds theory... even though I still prefer Copenhagen Interpretation for a single timeline universe! :')
    (which includes responsability of our actions and interpretation of this world).
    I feel Many-Worlds theory takes away our responsability for this world, thinking we might be a rock star in another Universe is teenage dreams. The power of choosing or changing our own future, as far as I'm aware, is highly real. We can change our futures through many small daily efforts & action, not just through prayer. We do not control the exterior world, only our interior world. A prayer has always & will always be a self-prayer.
    But I do not believe in cold determinism. Entanglement is real and is indeed a long, instantaneous, distance action. But pretendind we could control Entanglement with our minds would also mean control multiple dimension reality, since Entanglement happens on a 0-1-2-3-4 dimensional level. We DO NOT have access to 0, this would be paradoxical. Although we can use Entanglement to our advantage, as in information encryption through Entangled pair of keys to decode a message.
        I believe all atoms & quantum fields 'have' or 'create' consciousness, since we bath inside these fields:
    - If I am conscious and I am inside these energy fields of the Universe, then the energy fields are conscious. Either it works for the entire Universe, either it doesn't.

        This, for me, is what people refer to as God. We are all inside the same fields & we float inside the fundamental forces of Particle Physics: Gravity, Electromagnetism, Nuclear Strong, Nuclear Weak, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Higgs Boson & other fields yet to discover.
    This is my one phrase definition of the concept of 'oneness' in Nature.
    If you build a house with legos, the house becomes the 'experience' which is definable, but the individual legos haven't changed. If a house of legos is a definable concept in our conscious mind, then so is a single lego. So it is logical a single atom or particle quantity, a quantum, holds the same concepts as a group of thinking atoms: consciousness.
    If we believe the air outside us is not conscious, then by breathing it in, is it conscious then? Well, it has become part of us, so in this sense: yes. But we don't have a special conscious 'spin' and the exterior world has a non-conscious 'spin'. (Spin is like a magnetic rotation inside each particle)(Spin describes in which direction this 'magnetic blob' moves).
    The same argument can be held for objects and even classic forces, like light.
    Light, as I see it, is conscious too, since it binds all atoms together through the 'photon'.
    It still doesn't mean you can control the Universe's consciousness or make Earth more 'positive' only by 'believing in happiness only', this is childish. Nature will always be a fine balance of creation & destruction, which people interpret as good and bad, soft and strong.

        I also believe reason is self created, often after an event has happened.
    Our brain adapts permanently to new interpretations. Even modify its own memories from the past to make sense of the present. This is why people used to believe the Earth was a turtle, or flat. Today with modern science we understand the shape of the Earth, round. The Observable Universe: also a sphere. Atoms: also a sphere. This is consistant with Mathematics & Geometry. This is consistent because we sent a robot on Mars & we have an A.I. smart phone in our hands. Modern Science works.
    I go more in depth in my book: ♡ A Lighter Theory ♡

    Thank you,