Hello again.

This is a project to understand the Universe outside & inside you.

Find out what light can do, how electricity goes inside & around you.

Find out what light carries & why darkness is not.

The book:

where is the picture??

Waves behind a cover.
Every movement, a quantum leap.

All day & night to discover.
A personal spin in sleep.

Above space you hover.
Abyss of water, aliens deep.

In evolution, we are a centaur.
In Eden garden, our main seat.

Exosphere of light, your altar.
Every moment, a quantum beat.

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00110001 00110001
00110001 00110001 00110001 00110001
Tap here ♡ for simple love.
where is the picture??

Inner peace, step by step, stone skips a beat,
Sometimes stops, life is sour, life is sweet.
Nothing comes fast but the speed of light,
Coming at : 299 792 458 m/s, the future is bright.

It's fast, it's confusing, it's untold.
To sit down with calm thoughts, watch it all unfold.
It's the 'empty space' up there, where we appear,
Also the 'filled with people' space, right here.
All the movements of Life inside Tao, an ode :
To understand the way of the Universe, implode & explode.

Look at the people & the planets.
Look at the bars & the stars, our blankets.
Look at your decisions & intuitions, like magnets.

Through empty space, lights illuminate,
For emptiness is filled with photons to create :
Nebulas, stars & planets. Plants & flowers. Our blind date.
Thoughts, an extra net. Animals & people. Our mind’s gate.

From H & He, Hydrogen & Helium,
The first sun: a starry ripple.
From 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 dimensions, with condensation,
We are gravity, another dimple.
From the photon, weak & strong, same boson: bohemian.
Off or on, all in one, is it so simple ?

Electricity. Electromagnetism & Gravity,
Mixed in a Yin & Yang dance of serenity.
A Big Bang to create a full Universe: rhapsody.
Love within expansion: Entropy, to become, our identity.

But maybe, nobody will ever find the answer to Tao.
For the great circle, 0, is 'forbidden', a shadow.
Well hidden, like a mountain, under the snow.
Turning life unwritten, ‘emptiness’, into our own show.

Emptiness filled with little quantum allusions:
Quantum Fields. Photons turning into atoms.
Little balls of energy, turning into humans.
Pi well versed, for all circles & spheres, lumens.

This book is hard for beginners,
But you can do it ! Don't stop.

This book is for everyone,
From beginners to master level.
Master of your own life,
Master of the heart & brain.

I'm sure you will be inspired.
There are lots of interesting things inside.
It's a book to understand yourself & the outside world.

My main inspiration being : Niels Bohr & Complementarity.
His adaptation of Yin Yang & Taoisme inside particle physics.
Good friend of Einstein, people know him less well.
Niels Bohr is the Grand Master of the Quantum world...

Maybe you will understand the outside world first :
The Yang in Taoisme, the outside energy of your body & all things.
The colour white: from the sun, the anger, or the strength...

Maybe you will understand the inside world first :
The Yin in Taoisme, the inside energy of the body & all things.
The colour black: the unknown, mysteries of "who am I ?".

Mysteries of war inside us.
"Mysteries of love,
Where war is no more,
I'll be there anytime."

This book aims to help you understand the past & think about the future !
The future is 5 dimensional & it's awesome !
The past & present are 4 dimensional.
The hyper-dimension of 3D is 4D : Time.
3D Space + 1D Time = 4D Space-Time (゜。゜)

You already love it.

You're gonna have some good & some difficult moments.
You can do it. Don't stop.

Learn profound knowledge & a whole lotta love.

Learn to understand music waves in 5D.

Light is provided through sparks of energy
From the mind that travels in wave form.

This is Jimmy Page waveform playing,
With a theremin waveform waving,
John Bonham & John Paul Jones waves grooving,
& Robert Plant sound waves singing.
From the Big Bang to Led Zeppelin.

From Led Zeppelin to your brain.
Waves across Time to explain.
The Big Bang wave called Jimmy is saying :

"Hi, explore yourself, go deep, no fearing,
explore the world, again, a grain in,
Space, blue dot, exploring: the sun & the rain
Song, remains the same, now & while you're landing,
Remember your aim. Life is a train, the mind is a plane."

Preview :

where is the picture??
where is the picture??

Teachers :

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where is the picture??
where is the picture??
where is the picture??
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where is the picture??
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where is the picture??
where is the picture??
where is the picture??

I am

A Space Scientist.

I studied at Henri Poincaré University,
In Nancy, France.
I did a degree in Particle Physics : Quantum Mechanics & Mathematics.
My minors were Astrophysics & Chemistry. I left my studies after the passing of my father but never stopped studying on the side.
Here is the result.

Forever learning. Lover of Science, Information, Quantum & Astro-Physics, Martial Arts, Photography, Art & Music.

Initially a degree in Particle Physics.
Now working with Web & Computer Languages.

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I'm also a photographer:

Ruben Hart Photography

I also opened my own school, to teach:

Kung fu & Science!

School of Tao

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